Stay Away from the Tanning Bed this Summer!

tanning bed

While you might be eager to get a tan to take the place of your wintertime paleness before swimsuit season, it's not worth the risk! We'd like residents of our Serrano Highlands apartments to be aware of the following risks associated with using tanning beds: Statistics show that an individual's chances of developing melanoma increase by 75 … [Read more...]

Recycling in Your Apartment for the Novice


Recycling in Lake Forest is an important way to keep the community clean and minimize its carbon footprint. Some things should never be put in your apartment's recycling bin such as aerosol cans, ceramics, and pizza boxes. But, in addition to paper, cans and bottles, there are a variety of recyclables out there that you may not be aware of – … [Read more...]

Summer Grilling Recipes to Try in Your Gourmet Kitchen


One of the great summer pastimes is grilling. You can grill everything from meats to vegetables, and there is something about the taste of food that is grilled that makes it so deliciously flavorful. You can achieve the same grilled food taste when you prepare food in the gourmet kitchen in our luxury Lake Forest apartments. The following are a few … [Read more...]

Check Out the Sherman Library & Gardens this Summer

Sherman Library & Gardens

There is nothing like spending a warm day at the botanical gardens near Lake Forest, CA. One example of a fun local garden that anyone can visit this summer is The Sherman Library and Gardens located at 2647 E Coast Highway, which is close to Serrano Highlands. Colorful flowers are surrounded by beautiful fountains and sculptures at this botanical … [Read more...]

A Guide to Properly Washing Your Dog at Serrano Highlands

dog wash

Did you know that you could strengthen the bond you have with Fido if you shower him regularly? Dog bathing is important because it plays an integral role in the health of your pet's fur and skin. What's more, frequent washing could reduce shedding and lift your four-legged friend's mood! When renting one of our pet-friendly apartments in Lake … [Read more...]